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[ + 20 - ] Thunderstruck in Real LIfe

Rock on! Follow me on Vine: http://bit.ly/stuartVINE I'll be picking "winners" over the next few weeks from my followers list on Vine. (more info below)

Edited by Stuart Edge

Director of Photography/Videographer: Rj Idos
Also thanks to Michael Wyckoff, Tanner Gordon and Donte Hall for helping film this video.

Vocals: Shaun Canon
Guitars: Jonathan Lamarche and Jonas Wisner
Bass Guitar: Eythan Fiorentino
Drums: Bobby Plizak, Richie Rodriguez and Nathan Latiolait

Check out Shaun Canon!: https://www.youtube.com/user/shauncanon

There were two bands involved:
The Monster Band plays for Christina Grimmie (The Voice)

Allie Kay Band page https://www.facebook.com/AllieKayBand

Michael Wykcoff:

So you want to know about the guitar? Basically... thanks for being a follower and a fan. I have been trying new ways of connecting with you guys other than YouTube. I love Vine, Twitter, Facebook, SnapChat and Instagram. I use all of these daily, and if you want to keep up to date with me, you should follow me there! Right now, I am trying to build my following on Vine, so I am going to be giving away one of the prizes to one of my Vine followers. All you have to do is follow me, and I will randomly pick someone. Here is the link to my Vine once again: http://bit.ly/stuartVINE or just search "Stuart Edge". Twitter, SnapChat and Instagram are @stuart_edge

For business stuff or permission to use the video: stuartedgellc@gmail.com

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