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CLICK here for NEXT VICTIM - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CnuDap3zIeg

Check out Vitaly - http://youtube.com/VitalyzdTv

Special thanks to BlackboxTV - http://youtube.com/blackboxtv

Thanks to Dennis for being the accomplice to prank Vitaly - http://youtube.com/RomanAtwood

The Prank Set Up:
We had an actress pretending to interview our victim, but soon after the interview begins, the questions become more and more strange, giving the feel that she is a psycho fan. The fake interview takes place in a hotel room during the VidCon convention. We had two rooms next to each other. The one room had hidden cameras for the "so called" interview, and the other room had monitors for us to see everything live as we were pranking our victim. The actress had an earpiece in so we were able to tell her what to say to the victim.

We had our buddy Dennis be the accomplice to get Vitaly in the room. Our strategy was to tell him that he was to be interviewing for a top spot in a famous magazine, in which of course we knew he would be interested. Vitaly was pulled away from the bar to go up for the interview, so he may have been a bit tipsy when it all went down, which made it even funnier!

When things got real awkward in the room with the psycho fan, we had another actor, who was dressed in more formal attire, enter the room to act as if he were the real interviewer from the magazine. He pretended as if he were extremely confused by who "that girl" was in the room and how she got access to enter the room with Vitaly. He also obviously had to react to the situation that had occurred in the room and why Vitally was shirtless with handcuffs on. At this point, Vitaly has no idea what is going on, who the guy is, and what the real deal is with the girl.

We gave her a fake tazer to use on the actor who walked in the room. She freaked out when he walked in, ran up to him frantically, and then proceeded to shock him with the fake tazer. Then, she turned to Vitaly to tell him she was his number one fan and that the only way she could get close to him was like this, by sneaking in the room and acting as the interviewer. Huge thanks to her, Julia, @guliajallagher for being a great psycho fan.

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