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[ + 21 - ] That time I was banksy

Riley Rewind - http://goo.gl/xXV3aC
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I've been getting a lot of questions about my clothes, so here is where you can find them:

Black Milk Clothing
Where I get my design leggings, dresses and swimsuits. Lots of Star Wars, LOTR and other awesome designs.

Catabot Jewelry
All my necklaces are from here. The triforce, hexagon, gold fringe, and others.

Femme Fataled
Neon green/black heart top, blue mesh hi-low skirt, peach bow crop top

I got my Tardis leggings, dress, and top from here! As well as my Zelda tank and Miranda leggings.

The Steppie
I got my panda & ninja tops, tanks and hoodies from here :)

See you next Monday!

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