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I had a blast getting dragged through the streets of Peru behind a funny-looking Peruvian taxi cab, and I'm equally excited about announcing the launch of my second channel, subscribe to it here:

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Steve-O The Terrible Tattoo Artist

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I believe that anyone who is still reading this far down the video description can be described as a "die-hard" fan, and I want you guys to know that my second channel really is for you. I have lots of different ideas for the kinds of stuff I'm going to upload to it. Stay tuned, because it's going to be lots of fun. Yeah dudes! Love you all,



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Такие тоже бывают

Приглашаю хорошо жить ;-) http://ViralMLM.Ru

Канал как правильно - https://www.youtube.com/user/kakpravilno


Today I show you how to prank call someone. Prank calls when done correctly can be absolutely hilarious. Unfortunately, the majority of people don't know how to correctly do one, so their attempt at a prank call isn't funny, because of this I decided to reveal to the world this incredibly hilarious prank calling technique. The trick to this is to trick people into thinking you're a foot - if you can successfully do this laughs will be had, eggs will be broken, yolks will be scooped & legs will be sticky (because of the yolk)

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