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We're trying something new called "Prank Academy," where we teach people how to do pranks! We give the person a task, supply the materials, and then throw them right into the situation!

In this video, our guest was YouTuber, Caspar Lee! We gave him a fake turd and some extremely horrible smelling fart spray. His objective was to make the housekeeping believe that the turd was real. In order to do that, we instructed him to call down to the hotel housekeeping for an urgent cleanup. Then he was told to do whatever necessary to make them believe that the poop was either from himself, or that he found it there.

Thrown in the situation, with no experience, he was so believable that the man even began to clean it up! We think he did an amazing job and therefore, he passed the Prank Academy! Caspar earned himself an A+ in our book! What do you think? Leave your thoughts on Caspar's performance in the comment section below. Also let us know if you would like to see more episodes of the Prank Academy!

And for those of you questioning, yes, we did leave a generous tip for the housekeeping. :)

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