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The Top 5 pranks of 2014 are brought to you by some of the funniest pranksters around! See below to check them all out! From butt-slapping girl diversions to straight up scare you out of your pants pranks, these pranksters are sure to give you some ideas to mess with your friends!
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Spank Prank: http://youtu.be/R_QAyicpMIs
Alligator Prank Gone Wrong: http://youtu.be/4zssPYBDqVc
Killer Clown Scare Prank!: http://youtu.be/8xSNiPx791A
Pulling Things From People's Hair: http://youtu.be/KVDQ8_MT7dA
PRANKING MY AFRICAN DAD | @EmansBlogs: http://youtu.be/2YQY-38ich4
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